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Program deadlines, toxicology annual progress report, and POSC requirements

Annual Progress Report

  • The Toxicology ANNUAL PROGRESS REPORT is filled out and returned to the program coordinator between April 1 and May 15 of each year. New students admitted in January will NOT be required to fill out the document. The document should NOT be printed. Please use email. Print your name in the Signature block.
    • The ANNUAL PROGRESS REPORT should be emailed to your major professor. The student should set a time with their major professor to discuss progress with respect to milestones, including possible remediation steps, goals for the coming year, and plans for completion of your degree.
    • The major professor will then make comments on the ANNUAL PROGRESS REPORT and send the document by email to the Toxicology Administrative Office (
    • The ANNUAL PROGRESS REPORT will be reviewed in the Administrative Office. Comments regarding accomplishment of program deadlines will be noted with copies to the major professor and student.
    • All ANNUAL PROGRESS REPORTS will be reviewed by the Toxicology Supervisory Committee. Faculty and students will be contacted regarding any concerns of the committee regarding progress.
  • Toxicology ANNUAL PROGRESS REPORT (in development). Student indicates both completion of program core courses and requirements and does a self-assessment of their training for the past school year. The supporting documents below can help you assess your progress in meeting the learing outcomes of the Toxicology major (these may be used to prepare for you annual progress report meeting).


  • The POSC (program of study and committee) must be completed at the end of your first year in your permanent lab for Ph.D. students. M.S. students should complete the POSC at the beginning of their 2nd semester at Iowa State so that you can successfully complete all coursework within a 2 year time frame.
  • GRST 565 or Vet Path 554 completed by the end of the first year in the program to meet NIH and NSF requirements.
  • It is expected that you will take and complete your prelim no later than the end of the third year in the graduate program.
  • Students who passed their prelim will be expected to meet with their POS committee members on a yearly basis. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss progress (and remediation if lack of progress), goals, and plans for completion of thesis research and publications. Students and committees may also discuss job opportunities and professional development. At least three members must be present as a group and any remaining committee members must be met with independently.
  • Graduation time-line: The University's 7 year rule applies for both MS and Ph.D. students.

Toxicology Curriculum