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New Toxicology Graduate Student Orientation

New Toxicology Graduate Student Orientation and Rotation Information

Things that can be done before you come

  • Obtain ISU Net ID
    • This is your log-in for campus computers, AccessPlus, Workday, and CyMail. Your University ID number is accessible through the admissions application portal, but please contact if you need assistance.
  • Sign up for lab safety training. You will need an ISU Net ID (see instructions above).
    • Go here
    • Scroll down. Note center menu entitled "Most Popular Links"; click on the Training Logo
    • Center of page; click on ISU Login
    • At the top of the page, on the right, Click on Login
    • Login
    • In Keyword print the following on-line courses
    • Note: you can generally locate the course by typing the first part of the title, but make sure you find and complete the appropriate course
    • To activate the course, click on LAUNCH. Below are the four required courses prior to working in a lab.
      • Laboratory Safety: Core Concepts (about 1 hour). 
      • Fire Safety and Extinguisher Training (take the on-line version)
      • NIH Guidelines
      • Biological Risk Assessment for Researchers (about 30 minutes)
    • Lab Safety Training must be completed before you handle lab equipment. 
    • EH&S safety training
    • How do I allow pop-ups? On the left hand side of your top tool bar there are 3 horizontal bars that is referred to as a "hamburger". Click on it. A menu will appear. Click on options. Click on content. You then have the option to allow pop-up windows entirely or as exceptions such as: and
  • Sign up through AccessPlus for Fall courses.
    • You can sign up anytime after you are admitted but we recommend you wait and sign up after August 1.
    • By waiting till August 1 you will not be billed over the summer for tuition
    • Take TOX 501 (3 credits)
    • Chose one additional course:   BBMB 404 or STAT 587 (Section A) or a course recommended by your major professor.
    • Schedule of classes
    • Sign up for TOX 689. To meet TOX 689 requirements for fall, students will attend posted seminars that begin in September. 
    • Sign up for Research, Tox 699 with your major professor or TOX 697 research rotations if you are participating in rotations.
    • Check with your major professor regarding other potential coursework.
    • Generally, students take only two 3-credit courses during the fall.
    • Full time for fall is 9 credits.  If you are on a 1/2 time assistantship, you are considered full time no matter how many credits you take (1 to 15). 
  • Schedule of Classes Listing of all courses offered for Fall 2022 and subsequent semesters.

Things that can be done after you arrive

  • Payroll. If you will be on an assistantship, have your payroll verification documents available (Don't pack them; need official or originals; documents can not be expired).
    • Students are paid once per month on the last working day of the month. August payroll will be for a partial month from your start date to the end of the month. September payroll will pay September 28.
    • International students will fill out payroll documentation during their appointment with International Students.  Because students need to have social security numbers before payroll will be approved, likely the first check for an international graduate student on an assistantship will be paid at the end of September. 
  • Obtain ISU ID card. 0530 Beardshear Hall; take photo ID