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Job Titles of Toxicology Alumni

In December of 2013 we asked our alumni to let us know who they were working for NOW and a little about what they were doing. Beside each entry is the toxicology degree awarded at Iowa State and the year it was awarded. Some of our students went on for additional education. Not all of our students are listed, but this should give you a good idea of what is possible. An advanced degree should lead to opportunities, not narrow your future choices.


Post Doc, Emerging Pathogens Institute at the University of Florida (Ph.D., 2014).


Post Doc, Food Science & Human Nutrition, Iowa State University. M. Spurlock Lab: research on adipocyte as an active endocrine cell and participant in immune response pathways. (Ph.D., 2013).


Associate Director - Toxicology, Leeds Lifesciences, and visiting Research Scientist, University of Guelph. (Ph.D., 2013).


Compliance Chemist, Ames, Iowa (M.S. 2012).


Chemistry Lab Technician at Halliburton, Pennsylvania. Provide quality control testing of products and materials prior to being used on a job, and to assist with the designing of cement blends to meet specific well conditions (M.S. 2012).


Post Doc, Richard Martin Lab, Biomedical Sciences, Iowa State University: molecular and cellular pharmacology with a focus on drugs that act on ion-channels of nematodes, including those parasites that cause disease in humans in the developing world and in animals. (Ph.D., 2012)


Associate Scientist, Kemin Industries: Conduct animal and cell biology research using novel molecules for animal health and growth (Ph.D., 2012).


Senior Research Associate at DuPont Pioneer (M.S., 2012)


Research Group Leader, Department of Veterinary Sciences, Chair for Fish Diseases and Fisheries Biology; Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich; Germany. (Ph.D. 2011). Has grant to research relevant biological target for exposure characterization and risk assessment of nanoparticles toxicity in fish model.


Senior Research Investigator, Discovery Toxicology, Pharmaceutical Candidate Optimization at Biocon Bristol-Myers Squibb R&D Center, Bangalore, India. Identify toxicological liabilities during drug discovery and development, provide risk assessment, help understand and mitigate toxicological liabilities by conducting mechanistic toxicology studies. (Ph.D. 2011).


Associate Scientist, Company: Emergent BioSolutions, Inc., Major responsibilities - Analytical test method development, optimization, and validation. Perform Quality Control ranging from qualification of laboratory equipment to laboratory audit / FDA inspection support. Other responsibilities include toxicity risk assessment of various compounds to support investigations. (MS 2008)


Quality Assurance Manager at the Lake Superior Research Institute (University of Wisconsin-Superior): Ensure data quality for environmental research projects, including the freshwater testing of ballast water treatment technology, water quality and biological monitoring of near shore areas of Lake Superior, floristic quality assessment of the Lake Superior Basin, and routine freshwater toxicity testing (M.S. 2007).


Research Scientist II, Drug Safety Evaluation, Gilead Sciences: Project Toxicologist (Ph.D, 2007, minored in toxicology).


PhD, DABCC, Major, US Army: Board certified clinical chemist currently assigned as Deputy Chief, Core Laboratory at San Antonio Military Medical Center, San Antonio, TX. Directly responsible for clinical chemistry section in a 425-bed Level 1 Trauma/Burn Center serving the San Antonio area as well as other military facilities in the southern United States. Additional duties in technical and administrative aspects of clinical hematology, coagulation, urinalysis, special chemistry and toxicology. (Ph.D. 2005).


Ph.D.: Science Transfer Manager at Nestle Research Center, Lausanne, Switzerland. Business R&D interface for several business categories: managing a portfolio of business-aligned research activities and ensuring effective transfer of scientific concepts and knowledge to the business for product development. (Ph.D. with tox minor, 2005)


DVM, PhD, DACVPM: Director: Chemical, Biological Radiological & Nuclear (CBRN) Defense Research Coordinating Office, US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command. Coordinates program management and execution of medical research related to countermeasures for CBRN threats. (Ph.D. 2005).


Assistant Professor at the University of Iowa, Iowa City IA. Conducts research on head and neck cancer development, treatment and resistance to EGFR inhibitors. (Ph.D. 2005).


Associate Professor, Department of Zoology, Oklahoma State University: Research interests include ecological toxicology and fate and environmental impacts of pesticides. (Ph.D. 2003)


Post-doctoral Fellow, Phoenix VA Hospital. Research endothelial dysfunction in diabetes. (MS 2003). Received her Ph.D. this fall (2013) in Medical Nutrition Science from the University of Kansas Medical Center. Was awarded a post-doctoral fellowship from the American Diabetes Association under the mentorship of Peter Reaven, MD.


Associate Professor at the University of Georgia: teach and conduct research on ecotoxicology of fish and freshwater mussels. Ph.D. 2002.


Biomedical Informatics Consultant at The Ohio State University Medical Center: Electronic Health Record, Business Intelligence (MS 2000).


Supervisor, Environmental Impacts Analysis Unit, Managing programs addressing climate adaptation, health impact assessments, lead poisoning prevention, and healthy homes at the Minnesota Department of Health (MS 1997).


Product System Leader for Fiber and Utilities, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Mobile, AL. Lead the Fiber operation, including three recovered fiber assets and the Utilities operation, including wastewater and incoming process water treatment facilities. (MS 1997)


Associate Professor at John Carroll University, University Heights, Ohio. I teach General Chemistry I and II, Biochemistry I and II and Biochemistry laboratory. I do research on oxidants effect on protein functions with undergraduate students (Ph.D. 1993).


Associate professor of biological sciences at University of Illinois at Chicago. Molecular neuroscience research, teach cell biology and physiology. (MS 1992)


W. Gregory (Greg) Cope: Professor and Department Extension Leader, Department of Applied Ecology, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC: Dr. Cope and his students study the effects of environmental pollutants and non-chemical stressors on aquatic organisms, with emphasis on native freshwater mussels and non-game fishes, the bioavailability, fate and transport of pollutants in aquatic ecosystems, and public outreach and education (Ph.D. 1991; Double Major: Toxicology and Fisheries Biology).


Research Fisheries Biologist, US Geological Survey, conservation, ecology, and ecotoxicology of native freshwater mussels (Ph.D. 1990).


DVM, Ph.D., F.A.T.S, China One-Thousand-Talents Theme Professor and Director, Regenerative Medicine Research Center, Sichuan University West China Hospital, and Professor and Distinguished University Scholar, University of Louisville School of Medicine. Cardiovascular toxicology and myocardial regeneration, and tissue injury signaling pathways and rejuvenation. (Ph.D. 1989)


Division Leader, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Oversee research in genomics, toxicology, biodosimetry, medical diagnostics, nanobiology, environmental microbiology and host-pathogen interactions as applied to biological and chemical security. (Ph.D. 1987).


Director, Office of Pesticide Programs, United States Environmental Protection Agency. (M.S. 1981; Ph.D. 1985).